VinylMaster Xpt V4.0 Price Guide (USD$)

License Type $USDx 18 mox 12 mox 9 mox 6 mox 3 mo Conditions
Full Retail995*61.9189.55117.19172.47338.30None
Crossgrade699*43.4962.9182.33121.16237.66Nominate software
Upgrade495*30.8044.5558.3085.80168.30VinylMaster Xpt V1/2/3
Subscribe49.95†Fee per month

mo = months (amount paid per month)

*Shipping & Handling is USD$17.90 + Tax (if applicable) Note: shipping is optional.
*All prices are in USD$ and subject to change without notice. Click here for Terms & Conditions
†Subscription software is digitally (electronically) delivered.
*For information about the Crossgrade discount click here.
*Pay by the month (x mo) is the amount paid each month + Tax (if applicable), see Pay-by-the-month Explained
*8% APR is included in the prices provided above.


VinylMaster Xpt Prices

If you wish to purchase VinylMaster Xpt please refer to the price guide above. You may also pay-by-the-month to minimize your upfront costs. All you need is a major credit or debit card to get into VinylMaster Xpt today!

Pay-by-the-month Explained
Also, if you’re already a VinylMaster Pro, Ltr or Cut customer, you can also upgrade to VinylMaster Xpt for a substantial discount.

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Site & Mulit-License Discounts

If you require 2 or more VinylMaster Xpt licenses, substantial discounts are provided, please check the VinylMaster Cart for discounts!


Academic-License Discounts

If you are a student or a teacher involved in sign making, sign writing or graphics art there are substantial discounts for VinylMaster Xpt licenses. We also provide Academic Licenses for colleges and trade schools, please see the VinylMaster Cart for academic discounts and license options!

Click here for our free Academic License offer: Academic License (Conditions apply)


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