800+ Gradients in VinylMaster Xpt

“VinylMaster Xpt is packed with Gradient fills all sorted into logical categories”

Gradient Fills

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Gradient fills are a color based dynamic fill which uses nodes (points) along the length of the fill to set each color that automatically blends with the next color along the fill. That can greatly enhance the look of your artwork and provide you with an almost limitless number of special effects.

Gradient Fill Editor

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VinylMaster Xpt comes with over 800 Gradient fills which are easy to find and select using the Gradient fill selector, as shown directly above.

VinylMaster has 4 types of gradient fills: Linear, Radial, Square and Conical:

Linear Gradient Fill

A Linear gradient fill flows in a straight line over the object

Radial Gradient Fill

A Radial gradient fill radiates in bands from the center of the fill

Square Gradient Fill

A Square gradient fill is dispersed in concentric square bands from the center of the fill

Conical Gradient Fill

A Conical gradient fill disperses perpendicularly from the center of the fill over 360° and can create an illusion of light hitting a cone in the center of the fill.

Gradient Fill Editor

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You can also create your own gradient fills using the Gradient Editor and once made you can completely modify the gradient fill when in Fill Mode either on-screen using your mouse or from the 2nd row of tools.

Edit Gradient Fills (Fill Mode)
In Fill Mode you can finely adjust, edit and position the Gradient fill along with setting each node’s opacity and color along with the overall transparency of the gradient and the rotation angle. You can also select from a large range of Gradients from Gradient’s Library and make your own.

VinylMaster – Working with Fills
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