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easily design amazing artwork and output it to your vinyl cutter, printer or engraver using the most powerful sign-making software

3D Effects

Special Effects & Shading

3D Effects

3D Effects & Modelling

3D Effects

VinylMaster Distortions

3D Effects

VinylMaster Text Features

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General Signage

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VinylMaster Xpt is the Expert edition of the VinylMaster Series and is packed with a large selection of tools and features for designing and laying out all types of signs, decals, posters and graphic artwork to either be cut and/or printed out.

VinylMaster Xpt – Summary of Tools & Features

Special Effects

• 3D Shading in Chrome, Gold, Rock, Rust, Wood and virtually any other effect
• Use Bump Maps for Rich & Visually Deep Effects
• Interactive Effects inc. Fire, Glow, Reflections, with Highlights, Shine & Reflective
• Super smooth and Interactive Soft Shadows
• 3D Bevel & Prismatic Tools
• 3D Modelling (on-screen)
• Outline, Inline, Drop & Block Shadows
• Multi-Outline and Multi-Inline Effects
• Distortions inc. Arc, 2D, 3D, Flag, Globe, Perspective, Tube, Waves and Envelope


• Powerful and Intuitive Drawing with highly-advanced Curves and Specialist Tools
• Stroke, Color & Pen Styles (Suite of Dotted/Dashed lines with Start & End Caps)
• Power Clips™ (objects within objects)
• Shaping and Welding inc. Punch Out, Stamp, Trim, Common, Keep, Retain etc.
• CMYK, HSV, Lab, RGB Color mgmt, Spot Colors, Texture/Image/Reverse Fills
• Gradients – Linear, Radial, Square & Conical now with 800+ Preset Gradient Fills
• Engraving Module for creating Tool Paths inc. Island Fill, Line Fill and S-Sweep


• Master Pages, Work Sheets, all major Page, Photographic & Banner Sizes (ISO/US)
• DesignCenter™ inc. Object Manager, Object Selector, Property Inspector
• Grid, Guides, Dimensions, Align, Space, Distribute
• Step & Repeat, Tile and Circle Arrays


• Highly Accurate and Super-Fast Tracing with the Vectorizer
• Professionally remove backgrounds with the Mask Editor
• Create Vignettes and Interactive Transparencies etc.
• Color Adjustments, Crop, Filters, Resample, Duotone, Opacity etc.
• Special Images Effects inc:

• Anti Alias
• Emboss
• Fish Eye
• Mosaic
• Posterize
• Solarize
• Spot Light
• Twist and many more…


• Font Manager to view all fonts and install on-the-fly
• Font Detective™ Highly accurate Font Matching (via scanner)
• Work with TrueType, Type 1 and Type 3 Fonts


• Sign Industry’s Largest Suite of Text & Fonts Tools inc.
• Bullet Points
• Tabs
• Text Wrap
• Advanced Justification Optimization etc.
• Artistic, Paragraph, Arc, On Path, Vertical and Int’l Text Tools
• Auto-serialize (create consecutive number sets)

Import/Export & Publish To

• Excellent Import & Export inc .ai .eps .jpg .pdf etc.
• Import & work with very large bitmaps/images without problems
• Publish to Super-High Res .tif for offset printers
• Publish to PDF for Proofs or Super High-Res Artwork

Vinyl Cutting

• New Send-To-Cutter Module for Instant Cutting
• Powerful Cut Documents with Color Separation/Advanced Editing inc. Nesting
• Speed-Weed™ and new Easy Lift-Marks™
• Streamlined and Powerful Vinyl Spooler

Contour Cutting

• All new Contour Cutting Wizard with Auto-Build Contours
• All new Cutfile Alignment Module for Pin-Point Accuracy
• Supports Laser Pointer and ARMS Cutters*

Large Format Printing

• Powerful PostScript®/PDF RIP for Print & Cut with ICC Profiles and Direct Drivers*
• RIP and Print Multiple Print Jobs & Optimize for overnight printing
• Ultrafine Adaptive Diffusion (UAD), Color Correction, Underbase/Finisher

Support & Setup

• Support is provided Free of Charge
• 400+ Page Manual, 150+ Video Lessons & Tutorials at YouTube
• Help Desk with Free Updates, Knowledgebase, FAQ, Forums
• Advanced Setup Wizard

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*Not every make and model of Printer is supported but most are, if not please contact RIP Support to get a driver underway.

VinylMaster Xpt – Introduction Video
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