Font Manager

Font Manager (View Uninstalled Fonts)

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VinylMaster Xpt comes with Font Manager which allows you to view all your uninstalled fonts in the one list saving your valuable time…

Font Manager not only lets you browse visually through your Font Collections it also lets you easily install fonts directly from within the program and sort your favorite fonts into the Font Library for instant access in VinylMaster from the program’s built-in Font Selector.

System Resources
The advantage with this system is that you can use as many fonts as you like on-the-fly without slowing down Windows.

Save off and Print Font Lists
You can also change the Preview Text, create a printable PDF file of the current Font List and even make a Copy of the Font File to any location on your system.

With Font Manager You’ll never have to worry about managing your Fonts or clogging up your system again!

VinylMaster – Font  Manager
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