Mask Editor (Background Removal)

The Mask Editor

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The Mask Editor is a specialist utility used to professionally remove the back ground from Images (Bitmaps) i.e. to make the background transparent and/or to create Special Effects by using transparencies within the image, with some of these effects shown here:

Background Removal using the Mask Editor

Vignette Effects using the Mask Editor

Interactive Transparency using the Mask Editor

Powerful Tools
The Mask Editor works with all the major Image formats including .bmp, .gif, .jp2, .jpeg, .png, .tga and .tif along with many, many more… and comes with specialist tools that have been designed to get the job done quickly and easily without needing a degree in computer science!

Interactive Transparency using the Mask Editor

Magic Brush
The Magic Brush is a very clever tool that seems to – as if by magic – remove the background from the foreground even though your computer can’t possibly tell the difference between the two! (see the video below).

Another ingenious tool is the Fatline – this tool allows you to use the power of VinylMaster’s curves to set the boundary between the back and foreground to separate them with near perfect results (see the video below).

Vignette Effects using the Mask Editor

Blur, Smoothen & Sharpen
Once you have created a Mask (removed the background or the foreground) there will often be sharp or too dull edges throughout the mask – by using the Blur, Smoothen or Sharpen tools you can easily create that highly-professional look that you often see in glossy fashion and car magazines (see the video below).

Work with Low-Quality Jpeg’s
The Vectorizer has also been designed to work very well with low-quality .jpg and .jpeg images as this has become the format of choice by many people in business needing signage.

VinylMaster – The Mask Editor
Note: You can adjust the quality of the video in the bottom-right toolbar (directly above)

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