Corporate Logos – 82,000+

“VinylMaster Xpt is packed with thousands of Corporate Logos all sorted alphabetically”

Corporate Logos

VinylMaster Xpt comes bundled with a massive selection of over 82,000 Corporate Logos*. These are provided in full color and can be cut and/or printed out, and because they’re High-Quality Vectors they can be scaled and edited without losing any quality.

Selecting Corporate Logos*
Selecting Corporate Logos in VinylMaster is simple using the Import Vector Clipart window. You can view each logo by thumbnail and clearly, so you can easily choose the one you’re looking for…

*Legal Issues
Note: Corporate Logos are not available in every jurisdiction due to local Copyright laws. However, if you have a legitimate requirement for a Corporate Logo and agree to our legal terms you may download that logo from this website after you have purchased a license to use VinylMaster.

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